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Female Harry In Slytherin Fanfiction DrarryPremise of the story is that after. The smallest of moments become the source for the most popular headcanons and fanfictions. Fleur Lemon Harry Contract Fanfic Marriage. my entire life dedicates to harry potter. This entire inheritance ritual is plagiary. Personal Multi-fandom blog with loads of #Drarry , my shitty graphics and Doodles, as well as some Fanfiction i recommend coz im cool. These are recommendations made by Tropers for Harry Potter Shipping fanfic, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. 8K 56 A Potter, a Weasley, and a Muggle-born in Slytherin. Speak Up - Female Deaf Harry Pott by ApolloLaurea. There are a few het and fem-slash, which are Fem!Harry fics. Watch popular content from the following creators: Vicki(@saxamophone), Emily Brook(@emilybooksss), Comedy book podcast(@novelboundpodcast), Harrypotterstan(@harrypotterstan2), Books 📚(@booksandinspirations). It was his brother who vanquished Voldemort on Halloween, 1981, while he is taken by Sirius Black - and accidentally locked in Azkaban. Who else would be his mate than the one and only Draco Malfoy!. This is a list of completed stories that I have read and thought you might enjoy. On their first Valentine’s day together Harry takes Draco to Madam Puddifoot’s Tea Shop. "DAMN him! He's been playing me, and playing you. About Slash Slytherin Harry Potter Harem Fanfiction. Dec 14, 2015 · Wack-A-Harry (A Harry Potter Fanfiction) 41K 986 1. He shook it off and tried to think of Ginny in her tight black dress. See more ideas about harry potter, fem harry, fem harry potter. As Harry and Draco exited the floo, they saw Luna waiting for them. desire in the ultimate game of hearts and amour! [Angsty and dramatic, not nearly as ‘porn without plot’ as it sounds!. They sit on the table by the window, in cozy puffs too short for Draco's legs to fit in, but. Besides couples established in the book series, such as Ginny and Harry, or Ron and Hermione, the fans ship imaginary couples of their. Using his skills and drawing in odd allies, he sets out to change the future. Harry potter fem basilisk fanfiction harry potter fem basilisk fanfiction ~Not Basilisks. And he is now living in the Slytherin dorms. The Slytherin Princess Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction. Answer (1 of 10): The series is not yet complete (although books 1–4 are), but it is’s really good (at least in my opinion) The series is called “Sarcasm & Slytherin”, the first story is “Harry Potter and the Den of Snakes”. Will Harry be able to make her feel a little better about it Harry Potter/Original Female Character(s) "Don't remind me that" When Draco found out Amanda knew about my pregnancy before him he was pissed, really pissed. Hari potter has no clue how to act around people. Potions and Snitches :: Snape and Harry Gen Fanfiction Archive. Tomarry Drarry and other stuff | FanFiction. Who needs love when you have slash fanfiction. This could improve things the Slytherin side of him said. Slytherin Friendly; Harry Takes No Shit and Looks Pretty While Doing It; Whump; Summary. Fanfic: Harry channels his inner Slytherin, Harry Potter. Search: Fem Harry Joins Voldemort In The Graveyard Fanfiction. [fem!Harry/Draco] Fem!Harry - You've been warned. Fem Harry Potter Pregnant Fanfic. Fanfiction Romance Harry Draco Ron Weasley Hermione Granger Draco Malfoy Fem Drarry Harry Potter Fanfic Femslash Female Harry Potter Sentimentality Drarry Fanfic Female Draco Malfoy It's fifteen years after The-Girl-Who-Lived became the Girl-Who-Vanquished-The-Dark-Lord, and Viktor Krum has a favor to ask of the Head Auror. Born in 1980, left at an orphanage, growing a thirst to prove herself, bullied in Slytherin, rejected by remaining family, she learns of her heritage and goes down into the Chamber of Secrets, and meets Tom Riddle and Harry Potter. Charlus had distaste for weakness and was …. He was twelve when he finally found out why. drarry fanfiction slytherin harry. *One of the hurt/comfort classics in the H/D part of fandom. Female Harry Potter / Henri and Lucius. Not only were Harry and his friends the source of many fanfictions and theories, but so were the Marauders, Lily, and Snape. Will he fall in love with Harry just because hes attractive as a female or will there be deeper feelings and understandings? Will he only start to like. PG-13] Harry and Voldemort are magically thrown together as… voldemort adopts abused harry fanfiction drarry, Harry and Draco have a lot United Way of the Coalfield. Astoria twirled her hair and gave Draco googly eyes while talking with Draco and Draco just smiled, answering her. Creature Inheritance; this is the first hp fanfic ive ever wrote and its just me saying i refuse to listen to jkr Female Harry Potter (2453) Alternate. Slytherin harry! Dark but not evil and cunn maytakeovertheworld; parentsalive; smartharry +8 more # 13. The Slytherin Princess Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction Summary- When harry gets a letter from Gringotts her whole life is turned upside down. Harry Potter comes into his inheritance. Page dedicated to Slytherins and Death Eaters!! A Harry Potter community to celebrate the badboys and the wicked ladies of the fandom. 2015 explorer sunroof switch 3. Title: A Different Story of Slytherin Prince (Một câu chuyện khác về các hoàng tử Slytherin) Author (AU): Kyanite97 Disclaimer: Mọi nhân vật trong truyện không thuộc về AU, các nhân vật đều thuộc về J. Cover made by the amazing @cookiiefox thank you so much #1. Well… I wouldn't say it's the best, but I have been writing a Slytherin!Harry story, but it's also Drarry, so if you don' . Either as Harry's romantic partner in badly written romance fics, as his friend, or even enemy. Another Fem Harry Potter story. A female Harry (Haronna) starts at Hogwarts and comes across a different group of people on the train. Harry Potter | Ron Weasley Draco Malfoy Hermione Granger | Romance Harry Draco Fem Drarry Harry Potter Fanfic Femslash Female Harry Potter Sentimentality Drarry Fanfic Female Draco Malfoy It's fifteen years after The-Girl-Who-Lived became the Girl-Who-Vanquished-The-Dark-Lord, and Viktor Krum has a favor to ask of the Head Auror. Thank you note for memorial service 1. From a safe distance (*), she is a surprisingly enjoyable serial killing sociopath. Since it was finished before Order of the Phoenix, it feels very nostalgic to read a hopeful, canon-ish story about the Wizarding World. Snape sees Harry for who he is and not his dad. Drarry DJ Manga Baby Diaries 02 by arisa. Search: Harry Potter Fanfiction Harry Rides A Dragon. HP/DM, Drarry, H/D, HPDM, SLASH. See more of Harry Potter Fanfiction on Facebook. Harry Potter and Draco MalfoyA Harry Potter Drarry Fanfiction written by …. Mostly canonical world but avoids rehash of canon plotlines. Harry is about to discover that the steepest learning curve comes after Healer training, and that second chances can be found in unexpected places. There's nothing atypical about her. Harry potter draco malfoy harry potter ships harry potter fan art harry potter universal harry potter fandom hermione hogwarts slytherin pride wattpad. The work is split into four books so far: Book 1 - Harry Potter and the Prince of Slytherin (complete) Book 2 - Harry Potter and the Secret Enemy (complete) Book 3 - Harry Potter and the Death Eater Menace (complete) Book 4 - Harry Black and the Resurrection Game It can be read on fanfiction. After all, Dumbledore was a bit careless with the savior of the Wizarding World that fateful night. Harry gets sorted into Slytherin, becomes dark, or has a brother or sister that is TB:GWL. About Is Lemon Marry Harry To Voldemort Fanfiction Fem Forced. , Harry Potter e i Doni della Morte - Parte 1, Harry Potter et les reliques de la mort 1re partie, Harry Potter e os Talismãs da. Fav characters: (not in any order) Severus Snape (HP) /. harry potter fanfic rec list — harry/voldemort (m/m). #okayy i finally made some time for a collab and i am not disappointed #check out froekenpest's art if you haven't yet!! she's also offering commissions and has a patreon so don't miss out on gorgeous art!!! #drarry #draco malfoy #harry potter #drarry squad #harry james potter #hpdm #froekenpest #art collab #upthehillfanart #slash. We were happy (learn) about her recovery. Snape threw his empty glass at the wall in fury, and it shattered into tiny shards. Voldemort comes along, swoops Harry up and leaves. Any fem and Slytherin Harry Potter : HPfanfiction. A wave of jealousy twisted in Harry's gut as he observed. if that scares you i’d recommend leaving before you get nightmares drarry drarry textpost draco malfoy harry potter hp hpdm dmhp drarry fanfic drarry ship drarry squad drarry shitpost shitpost draco harry incorrect harry potter hogwarts mystery incorrect hp quotes malfoy x potter potter x malfoy. Harry can't sleep, so he takes a walk and ends up bumping into Draco Malfoy. Summary--- The Dursleys decide to not keep Harry Potter and leave him on the steps of a church. The central crux was, what if Harry Potter woke up in Slytherin robes?. abused harry joins voldemort fanfiction abused harry joins voldemort fanfiction. He lived with his unloving relatives in Surrey. Harry and Draco become best friends but when Draco starts to realize that he is feeling more than just a brotherly love when Harry smiles, laughs or just looks at him. Author: momatu Summary: Set four years after the Battle of Hogwarts, three years after Draco was abducted by person or persons unknown. Here Harry is female and goes by name Selene Rosalie Potter-Black nee Evans. If you're looking to satisfy that Harrymoine craving, this is the fic for you. malfoy x fem!oc harry potter, gof era ── slow burn. The Best of Female Harry Potter. The night they had been waiting a whole year of engagement for. Charlus was a fearless leader of the United Kingdom, and an unforgiving and ruthless person all around. Being a Malfoy - and a pure-blood - he simply has to show Potter how it's done. Proceed Due to changes in EU tax regulations, from 1st July 2021, if you place an order to be delivered outside of the UK, you will be responsible for all additional import taxes and duties on top of your order value. Draco Malfoy is a character introduced in the first installment of the Harry Potter series as Harry Potter's school rival. During her down times, God inspired her to write the book. A useless one, if you asked him, but he respected her wish all the same. Harry and Draco of Slytherin. She writes as Librasmile or Tenthsun on Archive of Our Own. 101 Forever and a Day: The Whims of Destiny » by dragonsprincess. abused harry joins voldemort fanfiction 18 Apr. Categories: Heir > Royal Characters: Harry James Potter Thank you!! Harry Potter was Sorted into Slytherin after a crappy childhood. Founder: Jodelle - Stories: 40 - Followers: 2 - Staff: 0 - id: 65817 Stories where Harry was sorted into a different house at a second sorting. #harry potter #drarry #draco x harry #draco malfoy #fem!drarry #fem!harry #fem!draco #dusiaart #they're girlfriends #harry has a bisexual bob because duh #draco is a classic top femme lesbian #i actually wanna draw more of these gals because this was a lot of fun! #what are backgrounds i don't know her #slap a block of color and a heart on. Escritora Original: Agata Camil. Harry Potter Good Story Good Story Good Harry Potter Fanfiction Good Harry Potter Fanfic Fanfic. ronweasley, hermionegranger, harrypotter. She acts around the Dursleys like she …. At the Quidditch World Cup, Harry learns of the upcoming Triwizard Tournament from Mr. As they turn 12 Grimmauld Place into a real home, Harry finally gets to hear all about his father and mother. How will Draco tell Harry and when Snape finds out his godsons feeling to. Persephone Riddle Chapter 1: 1 The Abduction of Persephone, a harry potter fanfic "grandloves" by slexenskee (79k words) femHarry. Answer the questions to find out which female Harry Potter. I love Princess of the Blacks but fem!Harry is in Ravenclaw not Slytherin. Giving a swift glance to Griphook, Harry gathered 500 of the golden coins. Harry Potter never came to Hogwarts. Harry Potter + female character = wonderful. They offered to do something for him in return he will help them to achieve their required NEWT in potions. Feb 26, 2021 - Explore Kaizokuhime's board "Drarry" on Pinterest. Almost all harry Potter characters find their place here making their tedious life erotic as possible. These are all just fem!Harry, but if you search for 'Draco' on the finder bar on your laptop, you'll either find some . People who read the Harry Potter series probably remember that Millicent Bulstrode was the person who Hermione stole a hair from in order to use the Polyjuice Potion. Whether she's the Ice Queen of Slytherin, an heir to the family fortune, or just a regular teenager, Daphne Greengrass is one of the most popular characters in Harry Potter fanfiction. This is mostly AU but may have some cannon parts. Everyone returns for eighth year and there is a new Slytherin Head Of House (a young male and a new young female teacher) and Draco is having dreams I think about a fling he had and Harry slowly realises he is in love. Harry then ends up hiding under Snape's desk so that Draco and Snape don't discover his abuse. (Harry the Misunderstood Slytherin) ~Drarry Love Story~ Episode 8 (Mature) (Without. Lord Voldemort x Harry Potter, Tom Marvolo Riddle. Harry channels his inner Slytherin Harry felt himself heaved out of the penseive memory and was thrown to the floor. Neville Longbottom was the bane of all potions masters everywhere. Compare Search ( Please select at least 2 keywords ) Most Searched Keywords. What does he decide? He decides to take the Gryffindor way out. Hermione sighed as she slowly eased onto her couch. Instead of going to the zoo on Dudley's birthday, Harry stayed inside and met a snake. Let's just say surprises were all she would be getting. Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality by Less Wrong (#1) Petunia married a biochemist, and Harry grew up reading science and science fiction. For Teddy Lupin, Harry Potter would take down the Ministry or die trying. Harry Potter learned the hard way early on, that the good only won in stories and fairy tales, and so to adapt, Harry Potter chose not to be such a good little girl anymore. She gets sent back to the Dursley's the day of her cousins eleventh birthday by death goodbillweasley femharry gonebackintime +9 more # 5 Harriet Potter in: The Mummy by Mushbear23 85. When plans go awry Draco & Harry will be in a position that will turn …. "Becoming Female" is a Harry Potter fanfic by Venus God. fanfic Fem harry potter pregnant. Aug 21, 2017 - Hermione pregnant with Scorpius and walking with Draco after having coffee with Blaise and Ginny. Search: Fem Harry Potter Pregnant Fanfic. The hat barely touched her head before it yelled out "Slytherin!" "Potter, Harry. Muggle Trash by Keela Adoette reviews Harry's reading a muggle romance novel. Disclaimers: I do not own any of the characters or settings in this story, but the plot is not a trope and is completely mine. these are some of the lovely folks who have introduced me to fics that broke my heart, took me on vast emotional journeys, and made me laugh my butt off. !-a veela Drarry fanfic Fanfiction. She knew exactly what Harry and Fred were talking about. r/HPfanfiction: Fanfic - Hogwarts style!. Hadie (fem harry) is 8 when she ran away from her aunt an uncle abuse when her magic takes her back in time to 1934 where she is put in wool's orphanage where she and tom met. In order to communicate their own headcanons, these fans have come up with memes to let their ideas be known. Answer (1 of 18): I read one a few years ago that stuck in my mind for being quite well-written. For those who dont want to spend hours trying to find sub!harry fics. harry potter fanfiction salazar slytherin portrait. Discover short videos related to harry potter fem basilisk lemon fanfiction on TikTok. Their pregnancy announcement was widely reported every paper thought she ensnared him with love potions. Anime Dad Anyways Draco is Bi. After the End is another Old School fanfiction, completed in 2003. 5M ratings hogwarts houses bingo slytherin slytherin quotes draco malfoy drarry drarry fanfic nct dream harry potter ravenclaw hufflepuff gryffindor study notes lgbtq hogwarts quiz character bingo hp fanart hp lovecraft books book review bookstagram books. Basilisk Lemon Harry Fem Potter Fanfiction. drarry) on Instagram: "Do you want so see Harry in the shower?😂. I have been a long time reader, first time writer. It is currently over 60,000 words long but is incomplete and still being updated. Harry Potter fanfiction fan fiction Adult fanfiction Fanfiction Potter HP Drarry Snarry Severitus Summar: Pansy has a plan hoping to bag herself the perfect Slytherin husband. Will he fall in love with Harry just because hes attractive as a female or will there be deeper feelings and understandings? Will he only start to like Harry because hes the. 5 years of abuse took its toll on him by the time he was 6 years old. Search: Harry Fleur Marriage Contract Fanfic Lemon. Apr 29, 2019 - Comic Series for a Fanfic I wrote 10 yrs ago (lmao) Rough summary: Draco and Harry are babies, and the Potters and the Malfoys are good friends, they bo Drarry DJ …. Rowling Portrayed by Emma Watson Voiced by Harper Marshall (video games; 1-4) Rachel Sternberg (video games; 6) Guy Harris Alice Keenan This is a list of characters in the Harry Potter series. Years 1-3 of Victoria Potter's adventures at Hogwarts, with a strong focus on magic, friendship, and boarding school life. She's in the same year as the classics, such as the Golden Trio and Draco. Looking for a Drarry fanfic I’m looking for a fanfic I read a long time ago, so the details I remember are a bit of a mess. 325 Harry Potter Fanfiction List (Recs) My own personalized Harry Potter fanfiction archive list that contains Harry-centric fic. Discover more posts about slytherin!harry. However, the hair turned out to be Milicnet's cat's hair. quamcnti), fanonstar(@fanonstar), fanonstar(@fanonstar), Bella <3(@wh0reforhighreevedraco), fanonstar(@fanonstar). Daphne And Fanfiction Together Grow Harry Up. Discover and share any recipes and cooking inspiration at Reading Female Harry when in reality the real saviour is Harriet. Feel free to add a fanfic of your …. Seven Minutes in Heaven (A Drarry Fanfiction). A Harry Potter FanFiction forum for those more interested in the Oct 27, 2021) is a dominant firebender and pure-blood witch born as a harry potter fanfiction fem harry attacked by students Answer the questions to find out which female Harry Potter Narcissa Malfoy was a pure-blood dark witch, the wife of Lucius Malfoy, …. Search: Harry Potter Fem Basilisk Lemon Fanfiction. So like instead of that you do the same with Slytherin qualities the problems require ambition, cunning and resourcefulness to solve , the narrative and the protagonists of the story see alot of importance in those qualities. Drarry (Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy) is still my OTP, but I branched out more to try other. Fanfiction Harry had been taken to the Dursleys at a young age, the day after Halloween while he was one by his parents. About Drarry Fanfiction Ginny Out Finds. I like Harmione and Drarry but I'm pretty flexible on ships and honestly prefer if it's more plot focused than ship focused. 3 When the final battle of the Second Wizarding War Sep 03, 2012 · Harry Potter & the Girl Who Lived by SilverAegis. And in their custody, her life has narrowed down to escape, survival-or vengeance. “Let’s play Seven Minutes in Heaven, Harry,” she said, a smile spreading across her pink face. The most Slytherin Harry Potter fic? : HPfanfiction. Jan 23, 2018 - Explore Slytherpuff Gal's board "genderbender harry potter" on Pinterest. There was a time when he was nice. Lily Evans James Potter FanFiction: A HowTo Guide by Daisy Pennifold. He knew she was right and while he wanted to do just that, it was impossible to get Harry alone. 50-100k, drama, romance, post hogwarts, healer!harry, podfic, Snowflakes and Cashmere. Fem Ron Male Hermione Fem Draco. Drarry x reader, reader being a brat and they don't like it with breeding kink, thanks Anon Requests Draco Malfoy x Harry Potter x Fem!. Its fan fiction of harry potter. What is Ginny Finds Out About Drarry Fanfiction. Female Draco Malfoy and female Harry Potter live in my mind rent-free… At some point I’m sure they had a one-bedroom but by now it’s a three-story mansion, and they have two kids, 5 cats, and 2 dogs. Even if the cost of school supplies went up every year, Harry could safely take a good deal more than the 100 galleons ordered by that Dumbledore. Proof that the other 10% is worth reading Harry/Squid for here. Summary: What happens when Sirius Black escapes from Azkaban and finds out that Vernon and Petunia have been abusing and mistreating his beloved seven year old Godson; Harry Potter. with whom she had a special bond largely due to becoming a This page is about Harry Potter Drarry Fanfic,contains Drarry Fanart & Fanfic Recs : Photo Drarry fanart, Drarry, Harry potter fan art,Fanfiction-writers A Mid. "Amusing fellow, your father, wasn't he?" sneered Snape, black eyes blazing. 15 Smutty Dramione Fan Fictions. "I know Harry, I'll miss you though". And new friends, like Hermione Granger, and Professor McGonagall, and Professor Quirrell…. Voldemort said, "Go and get Harry Potter's best friend, the mudblood. Fanfic: Hogwarts School for SEX Witchcraft and Wizardry Ch 1, Harry Potter | FanFiction. It is Harry Potter';s sixth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Sum: Harry Potter was never a good little child. Neglected by his family, intelligence constantly underestimated, his placement in Slytherin house is a shock. Référence de Fanfictions dans tous domaine (Attention : Regroupe principalement des Slash/Yaoi - relation entre Résumé : Lorsque Harry Potter, banal étudiant du néanmoins prestigieux établissement Poudlard, découvre l'existence des Vampires, il se. Like ending up saving the Wizarding wor. Adara Black Fem Ron Male Hermione Fem Draco. Years 1-5 are completed and the author abandoned the series during year 6. Voldemort would want us to fight. Hazel Genevieve Potter had expected to just be able to relax and settle down after the Second Wizarding War. Plus her parents because she was a Slytherin while her boy-who-lived brother, Charles James Potter was a Gryffindor. 2019 - ALEXANDRA she/her / SLYTHERIN*^*I draw my sweet boys and girls) ONLY MY ARTS. Most fics are at least 10k & completed. “Come on, the others are in the foyer. Muggles weren't the only ones with the tradition of 'waiting until marriage'. The only child and son of James and Lily Potter (née Evans), Harry's birth was overshadowed by a prophecy, naming either himself or Neville Longbottom as the one with the power to vanquish Lord Voldemort, the most powerful and feared Dark Wizard …. AU Drarry WBWL OCs OOC(a little) Slytherin harry major dumbleduck bashing. Harry Potter- One Shots (Smut) Fanfiction. Harry gets sorted into Slytherin, becomes dark, …. Search: Sirius Gets Hermione Pregnant Fanfiction. ) Harry Potter and the Prettiest Slytherin. Then the Tri-Wiz comes and the deepest, darkest secret of the Marauders is revealed - Harry was born the daughter of Lily and Sirius. See more ideas about drarry, harry draco, harry potter ships. One would assume that being born into a magical family means that someone will be gifted with magical powers, but that is not always the case. He stood by his big four poster bed. Premise of the story is that after hearing the prophecy voldemort decided to kill every magical child. Discover short videos related to fem harry fanfiction on TikTok. For those who ship Drarry, we've got the best memes from the world of Harry Potter to make Draco/Harry fans smile. Feel free to add a fanfic of your … Summary---First year fem!Harry AU. Chapters 83-ongoing: Harry Potter and the Death Eater Menace (Harry's third year) AN 3: Harry is relatively OC compared to canon, which, I think, is inevitable for a Slytherin Harry story. (OR: fem!drarry headcanons, ficlets, and thunks) Language. English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 592 - Since: 09-21-04 - Founder: Cataclysmic. potter harry pregnant fanfic Fem. Apr 16, 2020 - Explore reactivekitty 57's board "Female Harry Potter" on Pinterest. Nearly all the students were gone and sitting at their new house tables. Harry Potter Female Inheritance Fanfiction. Fem!Harry let out a wail that turned Voldemort to stone after a flash of orange to Lily's surprise. Fanfic: Harry Potter and the Gift of the Basilisk Ch 1. It changes everything about who Harry identifies with, who he wants to grow up to be, and who he thinks he is. [1] An example of AU story would be where Harry's parents lived …. He needs to help, but he can't let his real feelings show. ****Only 8 of 17 Sorting Fics are displayed here! Harry is now in Slytherin with Draco and has come up with a. See more ideas about female harry potter, harry potter, harry potter fan art. Anger swelled in Harry's chest and Ron noticed. Fantasy Romance Fanfiction Drarry Gay Harry Potter Harry Potter Fan Fic Harry Potter Fanfiction Gay Pregnancy Books. Harry's green eyes bored into his own before the boy mockingly bowed theatrically, his arm waving out, but his eyes also never left Voldemort's. None of the manips posted here. harrymort, backstabbing, tomriddle. Flustered, Harry inspected the scuff marks on his. Then came the Hogwarts letter, and a world of intriguing new possibilities to exploit. She had friends, she was away from her awful family for good, and her arch nemesis, Lord Voldemort, was officially dead. The Basis of this Story is Harry Potter and the Elemental's Power by Raul Fictitious (Sage Ra) Dumbledore took Harry Potter to his relatives, hoping they would raise him. A useless one, if you asked him, but he respected her …. I've known him since were kids, I met him when I was about 5 and ever since we've been friends, our parents are also. slytherin draco malfoy harry potter ravenclaw hogwarts house hufflepuff drarry shitpost slytherin quotes memes hogwarts slytherin pride gay harry x draco gryffindor lgbtq hogwarts houses aries 324 notes Aug 4th, 2019. Gray!Harry Dark!Harry Manipulative!Harry Fem!Harry F!Harry -COMPLETE. Synopsis: Set in the Marauder Era, this fanfic tells the story of Lily and James' 6th year from Lily's point of view. This is an extremely AU crossover fic that asks the question what might have happened if Petunia Dursley hadn’t found a young Harry Potter sleeping on her doorstep on the morning of the 2nd of November 1981. Harry laughs "Geez 'Mione, we'll still hang out, it's …. She seems to have stopped posting on FFN altogether (which sucks because her stuff is good), but she’s gotten into 3rd year. fem harry potter beast lemon fanfiction. Dumbledore's soul was also not helping by askin. drarry) on Instagram: “Do you want so see Harry in the shower?😂. No bashing, no kid politicians, no 11-year-old romances. Hermione/Harry pairings are the bread and butter of fanfiction, but adult parodies are the jam. The Slytherin Prince and Gryffindor Princess book 1. Browse through and read female draco malfoy fanfiction stories and books. Harry Sirius Black is a female and Harry is her newborn son. fem!Draco; Fem!Harry; Fem!Drarry; female!drarry; fem drarry; Drarry; Summary. About Slytherin Harry Harem Potter Fanfiction Slash. Slight Harry/Buffy, and set up for a full length fic. About Harry Slash Fanfiction Slytherin Harem Potter. Harry Potter Voldemort Harry Potter World Images Harry Potter. They're perfect for each other, really. BOOKS Draco Malfoy has been Harry Potter's enemy since they first met. linkffn(Magical Relations by evansentranced) has a Harry in Slytherin, mainly because Dudley was also magical and got into Gryffindor. 15 of the Best Dramione Erotica Fan Fictions. She was beyond surprised when she turns out be a savior of a sort in the Magical World. He could feel the well of magic within the boy and yet, the child had refused it. There was a time when he was in love. Hearing words like “lemon”, “Drarry”, “self-insert OCs”, and “AO3” feels like stepping into a time travel machine – we’re suddenly back in the mid-2000s when the internet …. Draco/Harry/Theodore 2 chapters in progress but can be read as complete | +18 READ TAGS | Fanfic Rec: Catching a gryffon by. Discover short videos related to harry joins voldemort in the graveyard fanfiction on TikTok. dark fem harry potter fanfiction. Mar 25, 2020 - Read Not a chapter from the story I never let you go my love by YukiJohnson (Yuki Johnson) with 1,108 reads. Harry doesn't know what to feel, they've been enemies for forever. Discover detailed information for Reading Female Harry Potter Fanfiction available at TheRecipe. *** This fic has been revised!. f ∙ lesbian • adult • slytherin ••• in this house we pretend most HP characters are female ••• sideblog (art by @upthehillart and @scrixels). No one really knows the white haired Slytherin, or even that she. Harry Potter: 10 Fanfiction Headcanons That Became Widely. All Pairings welcomed, all prompts explored, and no bedsheet left unturned! Strong M. Hari Potter loves the Malfoy's like a second family. Female Harry Potter Fanfiction (known as FemHarry) is a type of fan fiction where the main character, usually Harry, is replaced by a female. "May we come in," the girl with long blond hair and cold blue eyes asked from the doorway. Status: Dead ( last updated July 2010) Pairings: Harry/Ginny. Slytherin : *enters the great hall dramatically with their robe giving that bad ass Darth Vader effect* Slytherin: *points at Hufflepuff* with the exception of you I dislike everyone in this room. 8,qode-page-transition-enabled,ajax_fade,page_not_loaded,,qode-child. Explore the latest videos from hashtags: #harrypotterfanfiction, …. Hermione had gone there to mediate or something and. Both fics pick up at the end of second year with Harry forced to embrace his Slytherin side, but for different reasons. Unfortunately, she's just another Slytherin student who is known for being a bit brutish which seems like a stereotype. Draco & Harry on Instagram: "Do you want so see Harry in the shower?😂. No Edward/Harry, Jasper/Harry, Carlisle/Harry or Jacob/Harry. You and I need to become very Slytherin," said the Potions' master, standing …. Rowling stands up for Severus Snape after a reader wonders why Harry (Snape was the onetime head of Slytherin house, archrivals of Harry's. Fantasy Female Harry Fem Harry Forgotten Harry Potter Noticed (Fem Harry) Alice is the girl who lived but her sister is thought to be the chosen child. Deaf-A Harry Potter story by Lissy 761K 25. Most people don’t like to admit it, but we all had a fanfiction phase. Some Harry Potter fans took this saying literally. The main idea of In Another Life appeared in my brain many years ago, following reading largely Drarry (and other Harry Potter/major male character) slash fanfiction from 2000-2004. The Cunning and Ambition Series is a collection of Slytherin!Harry/Drarry fics. "Hmm, be that as it may, your snake is an Eastern Brown Snake, one of the most venomous in the world, and potentially a danger to students. If you write Drarry fan-fiction, or think it is the best possible ship. Please r/r tell me what you think-AJ. Harry Potter Fanfiction (Mostly Drarry :p). Draco & Harry on Instagram: “Do you want so see Harry in the shower?😂. Every child except one, Harry Potter, the boy who lived. Harry Potter and the Prince of Slytherin is a Harry Potter Deconstruction Fic They know they must do something and Marcus has a portrait of the Potters as he harry potter raised by cassiopeia black fanfiction. " grandloves Chapter 1: i - i, a harry potter fanfic "The Treaty" by laura. Harry Potter's new life with his godfather, Sirius Black, is the stuff his best dreams were made of. (L/N) is a pureblooded Slytherin. com where fans could submit a femme slash fanfic. Summary: Draco Malfoy didn’t mind his mandated job in the Care of Magical Creatures department of the Ministry of Magic. DeviantArt is the world's largest. Get him alone and just tell him!" Draco rubbed his ear, inwardly cursing his one female friend. She gets semi-good grades (mostly E's and A's). Search: Harry Potter Slytherin Harem Fanfiction Slash. Feel free to add a fanfic of your own to the list, but remember to use the template found here. Available on Wattpad @The_Crystal_Quill • Check out my Masterlist in the link below • REQUESTS ARE CLOSED!!• my fandoms include: Harry Potter (I write a lot of Gryffindor x Slytherin fics but that's mostly because I love the tension between the houses), Good Omens, Miss Peregrin's Home for Peculiar Children (unfortunately I've not read …. With each loss, Harry finds his view of everything around him altered, his friends, the magical world and the non-magical world. He didn’t mind that people stared, whispered, or outright hated him; he was quite …. 1- Lupin’s gaydar going off about Draco and Harry. Watch popular content from the following creators: Sky(@gendersucks23), fanonstar(@fanonstar), Sky. Gryffindor prejudice, and Harry solving the Sirius Black dilemma early. A Different Future- By Lady Sabine of Macayhill. Harry Potter was one of the largest fandoms in the early 2000s, which makes sense, because the Harry Potter books were an international phenomenon. You would think the twin sister of Lila Potter, the famed "Girl-Who-Lived", would suffer in her famous sister's shadow as wronggirlwholived. Harry Potter Reborn As A Malfoy Fanfiction. And only midnight reveals its secrets. "Please," Harry said lowering her book as the two girls, the second a brunette with warm brown eyes came in and took a seat. Top list videos of harry potter fanfiction adorable slytherin harry. Harry Potter was severely abused. Potter Fanfic Fem Pregnant Harry. While they're in Snape's office, Draco notices that Harry isn't exactly keen on going naked, taunts him about it, and eventually strips him magically (it's actually less creepy than it sounds). Female Draco Malfoy/Female Harry Potter Harry Potter led a pretty good life. 7k Likes, 261 Comments - carol 🌙 (@gittanart) on Instagram: "fem!harry and fem!draco ️ which hogwarts house do you belong to? i'm a slytherin 🐍 - #hogwarts…". He reaches out to his human horcrux through dreams, and the course of the Second Wizarding War is forever altered. Bella Potter (fem!Harry) finds herself in a strange room with a series about her life. Another goblin that looked female entered. RELATED: Harry Potter: 5 Things Voldemort Was Right About (& 5 He Was Wrong). The Slytherin Bully (Part 2) from the story At Your Service (Drarry) INA Trans by _moonchildshine (moon 🌛) with 360 reads. Harry Potter and the Prettiest Slytherin. Both have Snape suddenly acting more like a father figure, manipulative Dumbledore, the Dursleys' abuse treated seriously, Slytherin vs. I had other students believing I was the Heir of Slytherin, nearly everyone turning the back on me, my friend Hermione petrified, and I just learned that Voldemort's younger self was living in. Harry Fanfiction Potter Joins Wbwl Voldemort. Proof that the remaining 10% is worth going mad from laughter for here. Slytherin Harry and Draco by sojiron on DeviantArt. All of the best novel length Harry Potter FanFiction stories. If it will help, I’ll even promise …. Read to find out!Warning:Drarry, Pansmione, Zabinon, and Linny. About Harry Slash Slytherin Harem Fanfiction Potter. Female Harry Potter; Slytherin Harry Potter; Book 1: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone; Summary. Slytherin!Harry (Mary); realistic!Dursleys; consistent!Professors; mature!Snape; follows the books VERY closely, especially the first three chapters or so ( . 31 July 1980) was an English half-blood wizard, and one of the most famous wizards of modern times. Harry escapes the graveyard by portkey As Voldemort and Harry duel in front of the Death Eaters, the twin phoenix feather cores of their wands create a “Reverse Spell Effect” known as Priori Incantatem, and shades of Voldemort’s previous victims come out of his yew wand and protect Harry, …. Arms and Legs grew in the appropriate spots as she shrank till she was the height of an average human. I remember liking the story a lot because of its exploration of Harry's friendship with his housemates and eventually, Dudley and other folks in Hogwarts. About Fanfiction Female Harry Potter Inheritance. Harry potter was in the black Library, he had gotten the place in his godfathers will, and wanted to see what helpful books there was, Hermione, Ron and Ginny as well as a few Weasley's where staying with him for the summer. After a resorting into Slytherin Harry finds her true friends. Draco was about six when he noticed his mother whispering charms every night. Fɑnɑrt's Hɑrry Potter [Concluída] - Slytherin Fanart é uma obra de arte baseada em um personagem, fantasia, item ou obra notoriamente conhecida, que foi criada por fãs. Snarling quietly under his breath, he grabbed his fork and. A small collection of smutty short fics centred around Fem!Harry in the Star Wars universe, because sometimes everyone just wants a bit of smut, fluff, and romance to go with a coffee or two. Those Weasley twins were always with him. Despite that, finding complete stories of acceptable quality remains a challenge. I too am in the hunt for a good Slytherin Harry fanfic. Harry potter gringotts inheritance fanfiction dumbledore bashing drarry Harry Potter, Thor, Labyrinth, Teen Wolf, Mummy, H2O: Just Add Harry owns hermione fanfiction Bad Romance Chapter 1: 1: Adrift in Time, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction. Often times in fanfiction, authors use certain abbreviations or phrases that may be confusing to new users. It starts after the first year where she . The sequel to "A Chance Encounter". First introduced in the film Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003), he later appears in the sequels Dead Man's Chest (2006), At World's End (2007), On Stranger Tides (2011), and Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017). Harry and Draco are in the process of adopting a son when they find out Harry is pregnant. This fanfic has selective Weasley bashing, Hermione Granger Bashing, and Albus Dumbledore Bashing. [Slytherin Harry Chapter 6] XXX. Dra(w)rry - Drarry Fanarts - @upthehillart on Tumblr This is a book that explains how you can help us add amazing drarry fanart to the community. The Mary Potter series by LeighaGreene has a Slytherin female Harry. it's a crossover coco x harry potter hector rivera x fem harry When a Purple potter who defeated Voldemort but who has been betrayed by the magical world, meets young Miguel before he goes to the land of the dead. Nail Polish (Draco Malfoy) by Madie. Then his Hogwarts letter comes and he makes it h drarryfanfic. Friends: just about everyone and draco Looks: Long black hair, green eyes, slim, D cup, 5'5 House: slytherin You would never guess that my best friend is draco malfoy, its pretty understandable why. AU: AU is an abbreviation which stands for "Alternate Universe". He looked at the ginger boy he had been talking to on the train. Search: Creature Fem Harry Fanfiction. Whether you’re a Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Slytherin, or Gryffindor, you’ll enjoy these stories. Fem Fanfiction Harry Creature [3JEPOV] personal journals. Sirius teaches Harry what he needs to know, helping him become the true Lord Potter. After the whole school turned on her. Ship: Drarry (Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter) Setting: Book 5 post Christmas. There was a house elf rebellion or something and they had taken over Hogwarts. Fanfic: The Girl Who Lived Ch 1, Harry Potter. These include poltergeists, Boggarts and other strange creatures that, while sometimes ghostlike. Mum? Harry's eyes popped open as he sat up in bed so quickly that he threw himself out of his bed and onto the floor. Harry Potter Breeding Fanfiction Lemon. Feb 4, 2019 - I'm Tifah , Arabic, 29 from the UK. Harry's hopeful for a drama free year, but with his godfather being an escaped convict, his plans to reform Slytherin House, and Hogsmeade weekends, he has low expectations. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. Draco challenges Harry and friends to play EROS & PSYCHE, a scandalous card game with a dark, mysterious history. #wbwl #fem Harry #boss bitch #drarry Btw the I edited the cover but got the picture of the girl on google. drarry fanfiction slytherin harry. Reborn (Harry Potter fanfic) Fanfiction. Harry Potter was never a good little child. Harry Potter, T, English, words: 598, favs: 50, follows: 57, Aug 21, 2003, Hermione G. But when Draco's world turns upside down, …. He n gay slytherinharry abusedharry +10 more # 9 Once Upon a Deadly Power by Gay Goth 223K 8. fem!Harry Crossover - Harry Potter & Hobbit - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 9 - Words: 47,159 - Reviews: 211 - Favs: 1,269 - Follows: 1,531 - Updated: 6. Summary Inside [Pairing: Female Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy] My first fanfic for Harry Potter. He brings Draco Malfoy, Luna Lovegood, and the Weasley Twins with him. Harry Potter, M/F, Harem, MA, Archive of Our Own, Multi-Chapter Harry/Hermione, Knight Templar. "Alright, alright! I'm getting up, Mum!" he called back… wait. Your stop for Harry Potter fanfiction recs and searches of all genres ratings themes and characters! A Harry Potter drabble community with a focus on our favourite snarky Slytherin animeaddme Make Harry Potter themed slash fanfiction featuring male/male and female/female pairings. Female Harry, reading the books and crossovers | FanFiction top m. Harry swallowed nervously, he was next. Aug 11, 2020 - 莲 - (tom riddle x female oc) DESEJO era o que definia os impulsos de… #fanfic # Fanfic # amreading # books # wattpad. In his daze, he had not heard what the elderly witch had said. Come read, write, and explore our site. Harry living in the shadow of his famous brother) and deconstructs or lampshades many others. Hari Potter knew about the wizarding world from a pure-blood outcast. James and Lily are alive and Harry is not happy at all. Based on the storyline from the popular mobile game Hogwarts Mystery, Harry Potter died in the Chamber of Secrets due to someone's mistake and finds himself 1983 under a new name, a new life, and a new destiny. Cho tugged at Harry’s sweater pulling him and his thoughts to the corner of the Commons where a huddle of about a dozen students stood in front of a broom cupboard. Draco glimpses the text, and, in that oh-so-smug way of his, haughtily declares that the book has it all wrong. Harry Potter Smut Fanfiction Stories. Soon Draco's old memories start. This sub is for fanfic recommendations and discussion related to LGBT pairings and characters in the Harry Potter universe. There are Harry Potter Crossover, Slash, Het and all that in between. There is a fine line between love and hate. And this one might send all the Drarry shippers over the edge! "Harry was constantly crushing on Draco. 3- soulmate an where on their 18th birthday you write a message to your soulmate on your wrist and it appears on theirs and Harry wakes up to ‘wassup fucker’ on his. Holly Potter is done, after defeating Voldemort she decides that it's her time and greets death like an old friend, only he has a different idea. Assim como você que adora Harry Potter e todo seu universo, e ainda mais todas as fanart's feitas por seus milhares de fãs, organizei e juntei várias dessas fanart que. Usually AU fanfictions disregard canon. "Be a Slytherin and trick him, you idiot. Voldemort allowed the tombstone to throw Harry to the ground. Drarry fanfiction bottom harry dirty. Summary- When harry gets a letter from Gringotts her whole life is turned upside down. drarry fanfiction jealous draco. Follow/Fav The Lady of Slytherin-Dark Beginnings. First and Last (female Harry Potter/Fred Weasley) 7. Friends who cared for him, mother and father-like figures and people to teach him things, but it was not all it seemed. What is Fem Harry And Poseidon Fanfiction. All pairings are ok as long as Harry is bottom. About Potter Fem Pregnant Harry Fanfic. Warning there will be Child abuse. “Come on, the others are in the foyer,” Luna said as. The Draco Trilogy - Cassandra Clare. More Books » Harry Potter, Since: 01-06-09. harry potter harem inheritance fanfiction lemon. For the betterment of wizardkind, of course. The Draco Trilogy – Cassandra Clare. Harry shook the thought from his mind. A wizarding Gypsy couple adopts him, giving him the name of Alexander Romanov, and making him the twin brother to their daughter. That's a pretty odd #Drarry Harry Poter Fanfiction reading feat. A whole different one, to be exact. with whom she had a special bond largely due to becoming a This page is about Harry Potter Drarry Fanfic,contains Drarry Fanart & Fanfic Recs : Photo Drarry fanart, Drarry, Harry potter. Given the amount of history between James, Lily, and Snape, many headcanons suggest that James is not Harry's father, but Snape is due to an affair Lily and Snape had. In which Hermione is a Pureblood, Ron betrays family, Harry is not an orphan and Draco is without a father. a female voice shouted as Harry groaned, trying to get the ringing out of his ears. " All the heads in the hall turned to look. Ginny is an extremely talented Chaser, and goes on to play professionally for the all-female team the Holyhead Young wizard Harry Potter starts his fourth year at Hogwarts, competes in the treacherous Triwizard. A Drarry FanFiction It's halfway through the summer, before his sixth year, and Harry is trying to sort out his mixed feelings and emotions. Persephone Riddle Chapter 1: 1 The Abduction of Persephone, a harry potter fanfic “grandloves” by slexenskee (79k words) femHarry. Namun kejadian demi kejadian aneh silih berganti terjadi. Sep 24, 2018 - It’s the Marauder’s sixth year and they’re in for a little mystery. Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality is a Harry Potter rational fanfic by Eliezer Yudkowsky, AI researcher and decision theorist. Instead, Harry grew up hated, despised, and lonely. #drarry #dracomalfoy #harrypotter #hp #love #hogwarts. When she goes to Hogwarts she doesn't even know she is a Potter, she was raised as a Malfoy. When Harriet Potter gets sorted into Slytherin, she quickly learns what it means to be . Meanwhile, a depressed Harry Potter is sitting on a swing in Little Whinging after the events of Book 5. Voly adopts him, blah blah blah, then, HOGWARTS, and after/in Hogwarts DRARRY. Book 1:Summer Time Fun Chapter 10. It didn't do anything for him and, honestly it never had. Nov 05, 2012 · Ask Blog Prompts Feedback Meet the Admins. That and they all end up in Slytherin. He was Harry Potter, the boy who lived, and he was dating Ginny Weasley. On his 17th birthday Harry comes into his creature inheritance. Storys of Harry in Slytherin, HarryTom Riddle, HarryVoldemort, HarryDraco, HarryLucius, HarrySeverus and ones concerning Salazar Slytherin that I like. WBWL/MoD!Harry, HP/fem!Voldemort (TR) AU Harry Potter was given to the the Dursley's after her parents had died protecting her. Female harry potter, Harry potter headcannons, Harry. She is the half sister of the perfect Lily Evans, but they are hardly the same. Fics where Voldemort adopts Harry or pursues a largely non. # cis swap# cisswap# draco# draco imagine# draco malfoy# drarry# drarry imagine# fem!harry# fem!harry imagine# harry imagine# harry potter# hp# imagine# imagines# malfoy imagine# r#request 338 views butt cake. He was jealous of Harry Potter being a hero. Slytherin Harry…that doesn’t do the purebloods are awesome shtick. About In Graveyard Joins Fem Voldemort Fanfiction Harry The. Fics with only fem!Harry is not my cup of tea so I hope my lovely followers can help you :) drarry drarry fanfic drarry fic rec fic search . In some cases, she might have been gender-swapped from male to fem ale for the convenience of having a strong fem ale as the protagonist central to the plot. ” Wade in the Water by RedOrchid (5k) Sorting AU. harry potter x viktor krum lemon. 000 Harry/Narcissa, Harry/Susan, Harry/Tracey, Harry/Twin, Harry/Daphne, EmbreoRed, Fem!Harry Yule Ball Panic Jasmine Potter, the Girl-Who-Lived and an unwilling participant in the Triwizard Tournament, learns that she is expected to have a date to attend the Yule Ball. Originally from @/heylittlesmile on Instagram! Not my template, i found it on Twitter on some thai celebrity account. Nobodies happy with this arrangement, except the Slytherins – they're obviously up to something. RnSHEX [VCE0DJ] Search: RnSHEX. OPAC INLISLITE; Pendaftaran Anggota Perpustakaan; Inlislite. Harry Potter, Severus Snape and Draco Malfoy join together in an alliance no one, especially Voldemort, is expecting. 6K 20 Harriet Potter and Luna are fed up with the Wizarding world. One of the many “what-ifs” that tackle a plot that took place before the main books, it’s a short yet relatable story of magic and young love. Follow my three rules: READ, REVIEW, REPEAT! Possessive Malfoy. 7 SEVERUS SNAPE IS HARRY'S FATHER. #drarry #dracomalfoy #harrypotter #hp #love #hogwarts #dumbledore #malfoy #potter #slytherin…” 96 Likes, 5 Comments - Draco & Harry (@about. Canon: Female Characters in Harry Potter – Witch Sandwich. The author of Measure by Measure has a Harry/fem!Harry fic out; http. The Amortentia Trick (Drarry) - Chapter 5- Aurora Harry Potter Fanfiction Drarry. An Unlikely Companion by happy_valley. Harry goes under Snape's desk but too late, Draco saw the. He has a sibling, Jim, who is said to be the Boy Who Lived. A Kneazle in the Magical Menagerie in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. So please help me find good fanfic Drarry which Harry is Bottom ^^ English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 24 - Since: 02-07-15 - Founder: NorikoTora Steps Far from Paradise by Lady Slytherin. Even though James and Lily were married, some fans suspected that Harry's biology was not that simple. Sassy fem Harry | Reading FanFiction | Drarry. She was born into the Parkinson family, members of the Sacred Twenty-Eight. Adara Black, an abused little girl, wasn't expecting that she would turn out to be a witch or demi-god, nonetheless. When Harry publicly walks out on Draco’s post-war reconciliation speech, the enraged Slytherin makes use of a badly repaired time turner to restart the day in order to …. A fight with Ron shows Harry how little their friendship means to the redhead and gives Harry the opportunity to show his Slytherin side. Mar 12, 2022 - Explore Amalee's board "Bottom harry" on Pinterest. Drarry Fanfic: Well, THAT Escalated Quickly prt1. Her hair was a dark green that was almost black. Harry and Hermione have bought a little house by Godrics Hallow so they can be near Harry's parents. First, I know its Draco/Harry pairing, but I also remember a little of Pansy/Ron. DRAPPLE AND DRARRY 🦉 Harry Potter Fanfiction #Drarry. Female Harry Potter fic (Hara Potter) Unexpected and unexplainable magic occurs on the night Voldemort visits the Potter household to kill the child prophesied . I'm not sure if I want this to be a one shot or a story Please let me know what you think Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance - Chapters: 5 - Words: 23,314 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 25 - Follows: 25 - Updated: 10/1/2019 - Published: 8/6/2019 - id: 13356893. A night he had been waiting all of twenty-one years for. All types of LGBT pairings and characters are welcome as well as triads and poly ships. Most of the fics are Slash, of course. 3 The Swan Prince by partofforever Harry comes back to England to dance with The Royal Ballet. Epic Drarry: The Best Draco/Harry Fanfiction. Harry Potter was born in 1977, three years before his brother Charlus. net of As a first year, Harry is sorted into Slytherin instead of Gryffindor, and no one is more All 5th. Online Reading slytherin stories include: better be slytherin!, slytherin princess, slytherin born. Mad Blood Stirring by @provocative-envy. Sorry about the terrible Summary. What is Harry Potter Slytherin Harem Fanfiction Slash. Au- Harry potter isn't a hero he is a villain in this alternate universe where Lord volde-whats-its-name doesn't even exist. 15 Harry Potter Fanfiction Stories For The Grown. "Potter, don't bother, your effort is appreciated but pointless. The first prompt may contain a direct reference to history or not. During a trip to Gringotts, Hyacinthe Potter discovered she met her soulmate, William Weasley. If you’re looking to satisfy that Harrymoine craving, this is the fic for you. One gloomy night after quidditch, Harry Potter walked into an old bathroom to find Draco Malfoy crying in front of a mirror. Draco hits his head and wakes up in a world where he's a Gyffindor and Harry is a Slytherin. Harry Fanfiction Abused Adopts Drarry Voldemort. Watch popular content from the following creators: harry potters gf (certified)(@a. Drakaina (Harry Potter x Fairy Tai by Frosch. Harry was super lucky during his time at Hogwarts to have friends as supportive and caring as Hermione, Ron, Neville and Luna. Wilma did not think it would scare Snape at all. Slytherin Heir Ch 2, Harry Potter. Draco Malfoy kidnapped by Harry potter has lost all of his memories and starts to fall in love with this alternate universe Harry. This is Mythic Alliance by Jendra, published in 2010 on fanfiction. About pregnant fanfic harry potter Fem. 3k+ Eclipse » by Mijan Draco swore revenge on Harry for Lucius's imprisonment, and for once, he keeps his promise. Draco simply got up, put on his robe calmly, brushing off any dirt and pressing out wrinkles before turning his attention to Harry, who was still tense, wand drawn and glaring death at his best friend. Draco loves the month of December. 4- anoTHER soulmate au where only Draco can see the strings (that. Harry Potter Fanfiction Drarry. #drarry #dracomalfoy #harrypotter #hp #love #hogwarts #dumbledore #malfoy #potter #slytherin…" 96 Likes, 5 Comments - Draco & Harry (@about. Dozens of emotions spread across the young man's face before anger and hatred settled behind the emerald eyes. Harry Potter themed fanfiction featuring male/male and female/female pairings. Saving Harry // Severitus by yesilovesnape The only hint that he's given is the fact that this person is from Hogwarts, and is in the same year as him Sirius Lived abusivedursleys harrypotter abusedharry drarry dumbledorebashing abuse dracomalfoy dursleys hogwarts childabuse blaisezabini angst harry …. Cat-Draco! A Collection of Drarry Oneshots Chapter 1: Smut in The. Warning: Fem!Harry and mentions of abuse. Bad Dumbles, Good Blacks and Child Harry. ” “Hello Luna,” the words came out of the couple as the stood next to Luna. 5K 45 Chaos and war had befallen the Wizarding World and there was little to no hope of saving it when Harry found himself back as a meek 11-year-old boy once again and he vow Completed darkharrypotter darkharry tommarvoloriddle +17 more # 3 Child of Azkaban by Mystic heart soul 314K 8. High quality Fanfiction Hermione Draco-inspired gifts and merchandise. Alexandra Potter has finally come to Hogwarts, where she will meet new friends and discover a world of magic. He was favoured by his mother and neglected by his father. Here is my first attempt at writing a fanfiction story ever. Bio: i am 16 years old and i like naruto x harry potter, percy jackson and varius other fanfiction's including cross overs of naruto/ percy. scribblecentral Scribblers Blog 5 years ago. Harry Potter was not having a good day. Harry Potter was the son and only child of Prince James and Princess Lily. Harry's birth was overshadowed by a prophecy, naming either himself or Neville Longbottom as the one with the power to vanquish Lord Voldemort. 41 The Slytherin Rules by MacKay AU. Mar 14, 2017 - Read Chapter 5: Eigth Year from the story White Lies // Drarry by heartofcupid (Guinevere) with 32,784 reads. reading harry potter fanficmassachusetts court records. Sep 24, 2018 - It's the Marauder's sixth year and they're in for a little mystery. Harry refused, so Snape muttered, "A periam os tuum. fr, premier site francophone de fics finies sur le HPDM (ou Drarry) slythlockerroom Slytherin Quidditch Team 10 years ago. Not Your Usual Veela Mate by Janara - An AU fic that begins at the beginning of Eirlys (Female Harry Potter) is a child of both Loki 2 - The Veela. Harry: you mean like on a battle of hogwarts larry smut imagine hogwarts house dank memes france fiction harry potter harry x draco drarry draco malfoy drarry fanfic drarry imagine slytherin problems slytherin and hufflepuff slytherclaw slytherin pride slytherin slytherin quotes quarantine ravenclaw hufflepuff dark acadamia aesthetic. post-template-default,single,single-post,postid-16001,single-format-standard,bridge-core-2. Search: Harry And Daphne Grow Up Together Fanfiction. When Rachel Snow - the Girl-Who-Lived - is sorted into Slytherin House her life changes for the better. Harry rather felt that it was because the man was jealous that he couldn't call Dumbledore out on his bullshit, being employed by him and all. In honour of Harry Potter 's 39th birthday (he was born on July 31, 1980), we put together a list of the best Harry Potter fanfiction you can find online. [1] An example of AU story would be where Harry's parents lived and Hermione was. Fan fiction or fanfiction (also abbreviated to fan fic, fanfic, fic or ff) is fictional writing written by fans, commonly of an existing work of fiction. Harry whispers as he pulls them both into a hug "I'm not going to turn my back on you just because we're in different houses, just because I'm in Slytherin". #wbwl #fem Harry #boss bitch #drarry Btw the I edited the cover but got the picture of the girl on. weirdsisters The Harry Potter Dance Experiment 5 years ago.